Long Time No Talk




Its been a while not really sure the last time we were in touch but there is much to catch up on. For starters, I kind of went through a rough patch working for my current employer name not to be mentioned where I took to actively looking to leave interviewing before I clocked in the whole lot of it. We will start with this it should never get to a point where your job isn’t paying your rent. If that’s the case you are worth more find better just to keep it very short on that which needs to me to probably the most liberating and stress lifting moment of the year putting in notice. It honestly wasn’t anything personal strictly monetary love my supervisor he was a good guy his boss was even a stand-up gal wouldn’t dare utter a bad word about them but you can’t have decisions of rent OR groceries. That’s not a thing it should never be a thing. I personally feel like I am way to qualified to have that be a situation thankfully someone else sees my worth and is willing to pay accordingly. In the meantime, to split the difference UBER was a life saver if you own a vehicle and have the down time I will send you my invite code definitely splits the difference. Some people even make it their full-time hustle that is personally not for me I need a little more structure in my schedule. Can’t rely on others needing a ride to pay my rent.

Beyond griping about the employer employee slave master relationship that it is let’s talk about something fun potential flings and all that comes with that. Met a girl through a dating site not ashamed to admit it we are all adults here right but to my point months ago you should really know what venue you are partaking in. Tinder does not mean serious relationship anyone who thinks it does should reevaluate and try something else. It is for casual encounters and nothing more. She wanted to be serious I wanted to stay casual it did not last long. Not a bad person but just keep an eye on your venue before thinking things will escalate beyond that venue.

Next note very happy note one of my very good friends got married on the last-minute adjustments I was asked to be part of a wedding. That brings some very interesting feelings out of a person. I am walking down the aisle with my arranged partner to have the very best view in the house of my friend marrying the love of her life had a lot running through my head and my thoughts were as follows shockingly remember them clearly as day

“damn I’m going to be 30 next year and I am completely alone. Shit don’t trip up the stairs. God I never realized how cute my partner for the bridal party is oh wait she’s not single I’m still alone this is just for the ceremony. Wow this is a beautiful ceremony I would like mine to be like this one day. DON’T do anything weird don’t trip down the stairs walking them out wow they are married this is fucking amazing”

All that being said and running through my head I had an amazing time I am very happy for my friend and it makes me think maybe I can find that type of a relationship in my life. Also makes you wonder if that happens for everybody but it does leave you with hope.  All that being said one day it will come and when it does even if it stems from some sort of dating app I will be sure to be searching in the right venue.

Ok so that was a lot happy to get it off my chest I feel like the next post will be more centered and have a better flow to it but until next time stay classy and love life.

Always the optimist




Hip Hop and R&B Golden Era 4th of July Weekend

Long time no write it has been a while to sum up the last two weeks two concerts a road trip home and the fourth of July. Also including a lack of sleep miles logged in my car and good times had by all 😊

First show

Electric Factory for Redman and Method Man opening acts were Raekwon and Cappadonna. Stage presence was amazing and I feel in love with the venue. Second floor bars leaving plenty of space for general admission very well designed plus it was easy to access and the prices were reasonable. Will definitely be attending again probably this weekend coming for Lupe Fiasco which will be a good show but I am sure he won’t have the stage presence Redman and Meth have together. They gave you such an old school feel and they kept it moving it wasn’t preachy it was just lets get hyped lets have a hell of a time and enjoy the experience. Not one of those slowing down and wasting time being preachy performances which I really appreciate.  When they were back and forth with there solo hits the crowd was nuts and I would definiteily go see them again. You left the show wanting so much more but you had a blast and that’s all that counts. It was well worth the money.

Upon leaving the show I got the notification that Jay-z’s 4:44 came out needless to say it was immediately listened to. Such a soulful vibe with the samples in the title track 4:44 and just had such a vintage Jay vibe to it I couldn’t stop listening.  Favorite track might be Marcy Me  but then again I love them all and you can never go wrong with Jay. A lot of strange feedback I have heard are people complaining about him being too old to be putting out rap records and my response to that is there are absolutely no complaints when the rolling stones rerelease something or we unearth the “lost tapes” or BBC recordings of other amazing artist so what is the big deal. I appreciate the fact that A he has matured and B if he can still perform at such a high caliber let him rock .  I’d rather a gem from Jay in this sea of garbage im stuck listening to in rotation on the radio one of the many reasons I don’t even bother with the radio and have become an avid supporter of Tidal but were not here to waste time on salty people that bash Jay he has revolutionized the way you put out a record the way you listen to he record and has literally dropped the blueprint for people attempting to come up in the game.  Let salty people be salty bigger and better things to do with my time.

Went home for the weekend had a blast with the family moms annual cookout good vibes good people so mjuch to say about them but this food for thought for you the reader so we will proceed into the next show I went to the free Mary J show I stumbled upon when I came back to philly.

The Wawa free show on the Ben Franklin Parkway opened up with Boys 2 Men and ended with Mary J Blige. AMAZING . Hometown heroes performing the classics and then Mary J Blige going through the whole carerer and sharing her world with us in such good fashion. The kicker was the rain in between the opening act and Mary J. Did I get drenched …. Yes was it an amazing time absolutely. Would I do it again most definitely.  My favorite Mary J tracks can be a post of its own but just trying to give you guys a quick glimpse.

On that note there are 168 hours in a week and I am trying to maximize the 48 in the weekend so I’m off to the races but had to get back on and just let that out. Stay classy and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do it’s a pretty short list.

Until Next time 😊 -TLM

Online Dating what’s your stance?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen long time no talk. Life has been kind of crazy the last two weeks. Had a house guest for a while doing a friend a solid and this weekend I went to Spruce Harbor for beers and vendors which turned out to be fantastic not going to go too much into detail with that because there are other things on my mind.

               I really want to talk about the dynamics of meeting people and searching for partnership not that anyone will have any solid input but there are so many ways of going about it certain medias for certain situations. If you’re looking just to get laid you should probably stick to Tinder or if you’re looking for substance you should probably check out Plenty of Fish but what makes one any different than the other. No one really reads your profile you end up swiping left or right depending on if you have any interest. I guess playing the law of averages is one method of finding your next significant other but is it really a good way.  Let me argue both sides…….

               Yes because some people reach out to these medias because they don’t have the time to go out and meet people or they are shy or they just feel too insecure to talk to someone in public so these are great ways of going about it. Plus let’s be real there are a lot of creeps out there and its fairly easy to rule that out along with people that your flat out not interested with a five-minute conversation through an app where they have no other way of contacting you. So I get it this is very practical we have revolutionized dating and in some ways that great but the other side of the coin does exist.

               What if the love of your life never makes an account. What if you express yourself better in person and what if you personally just refuse to make an account which is your right social media is not a requirement it’s hard to function without some form of social media, some places literally won’t even look at your resume if you don’t have an Indeed account but maybe technology isn’t your thing and you’d rather just have a conversation with someone at a coffee shop or a grocery store or a bar or wherever you choose to interact with people.

               All this being said I met someone on tinder just out of looking for a casual situation and the person I met via Tinder was looking for the total opposite.  That is fine your searching for what your searching for but it’s kind of like relaying your message through the wrong medium. Creating an add for children toys on an adult magazine type of wrong medium. Not that it’s a bad thing I’m happy I met the person in person because that’s what adults who can have a ten-minute conversation tend to do if they are serious about progressing beyond a keyboard and not going to lie it went well. I’m sure at some point we will run into the she wants something serious conversation where I am like we met on Tinder which does have its own sort of stigma but we shall see how it goes and cross that bridge when we arrive at it.

Drawing my freewriting to a close what are your opinions on online dating? Do you use the services? Do you wish that you weren’t involved? Do you find them to be a waste of time?  There are always layers to these types of questions and I know it’s very broad stroke at this point but would love to dive into it deeper at a later point and time.  More food for thought to come but off to living life away from the keyboard as always stay classy…….

Bok Bar <3

Since this blog is about anything and everything I am going to write about  Bok Bar on a Saturday night. Lets start with the back story as told by the locals. Apparently this used to be a high school which was shut down. No info on what happened to the students or where they moved it to but the rooftop was on the 8th floor of this former high school Initially thought the view would not be that great because 8 floors up is not all that high.

Again relatively new to Philly I live completely across town but my love for roof top bars drew me in :). The food was great the views were fantastic and I had a blast. The vibe was cool the people were friendly and the drinks were relatively cheap in comparison to the other bars I have gone to in the city. I definitely love the atmosphere and will attend again.

The one downside was there was no food at the time of my visit otherwise I would critique that as well but beyond that I would definitely recommend to friends and take people that come to visit me out there for a good time.

On that note more to post at a later time about life and everything else but this was what I wanted to talk about today well a few days ago but haven’t been able to sit down and write lately .



Quality Control

So the last few days have been relatively interesting. Everyday this city has something new and exciting to offer. Saw Jurassic 5 at the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street we had a ball the performance was crazy. Cannot believe that I won these tickets a week ago at the Roots Picnic.  The people are so friendly and always good vibes. That was only my Thursday.

Friday consisted of the Cleveland at least trying to make this series entertaining. God win and if they take it one game at a time this is should be entertaining. Also the premier of OITNB season 5 and it’s a shame I am going to finish it over the weekend but its amazing how they keep current with the times and also give you an interesting glimpse into prison and how fucked up it can be. On that note there’s another documentary 13th amendment where they go very deep into the mandatory minimums and how truly screwed up the prison system is especially when it is more concerned with profit generation and as opposed to rehabilitation. That’s a great debate topic but again this is just food for thought you do what you’d like with it.

First weekend in the last year of my twenties I consider the weekend Thursday through Sunday because realistically Friday is fake it until you make it day and then you proceed to make the best out of your weekend. Adulting activities running errands paying bills etc. but at some point, you have to enjoy life right. Its not work pay bills go home repeat until the ticker stops correct? All that being said going to check out a rooftop bar downtown because I am obsessed with views. The ones in NYC are fantastic but since Philadelphia is home now I plan to see what they have to offer.  Bok Bar will get a review at the end of the night.

As for TLA  interesting crowd  good vibes and pretty cheap beer all things considered. The one issue I have with the place is the line to get in or lack thereof. We just seemed to huddle in a large circle around the place but beyond that it was an amazing atmosphere. This is my second time visiting the venue and I will be going back. The acoustics are pretty good for a tight area which is hard to do with most places and I would recommend to a friend.

So on my way out I feel its only right to leave you with a Jurassic 5 quote…..

“Let’s take it back to the concrete streets Original beats with real live MC’s Playground tactics, no ‘rabbit in a hat’ tricks Just that classic, rappin’ from Jurassic”

From Concrete and Clay by JURASSIC 5



And the beat goes on ….

Today was a new day but a lot of the same. Work is getting relatively redundant and my routine seems to be solid so I can’t complain but when does redundant and routine become complacent. Never want to feel like I’m not moving onward and upward.

Also after reading Charlemagne Tha God’s Black Privilege there is a lot of food for thought there but the one thing that stuck out. It may seem trivial but there are literally 168 hours in a week and I am realistically using 37.5 hours a week and I only sleep 5 hours a day which makes for 35 hours a week. Simple math with a little bit of rounding leaves us at 100 hours week while there are still 68 left over. Not that I needed a book to tell me this but I really feel like it woke me up to time management and what more I could be doing. There could be extra income that I could be making extra money or even on the subject of just extra experiences.

All of that being said, I am happy that I have the opportunity to take advantage of 168 hours in the week not saying I can maximize all 168 of them but I can damn sure try.  Bills being paid is the top priority but I have countless amount of time to pursue shit of interest. That being said I’m open to anything at this point I just literally disgusted about how much time can be wasted without knowing or acknowledging it.

That maybe another reason that sparked the food for thought blog. Just getting ideas and ranting out in the open even if one person takes something from it I feel as though it served its purpose. Also taking this blog as an opportunity to find any open opportunities. Internships part-time work meeting new people.   Anything and everything that this blog can bring I am more than willing to entertain.

On that note finals are on so that is where my attention is going. Cleveland hopefully making this a series by taking game three. Stay classy food for thought readers we shall chat soon.




Let’s get the last year of my twenties rocking !!!!

Food for thought weekend recap. Awesome pros my birthday weekend.  The roots picnic 10th anniversary beyond fantastic also attended the Motown Musical on Sunday my actual birthday which was fantastic. It’s amazing how deep the backstory is for that record label and how much of a driving force that was in the music that we listen to today.  All that aside I feel as though with my 29th birthday freshly behind me its some good time for self-evaluation .

Living on my own out of my parents’ house that’s a pro. Could be making a better living but the nonprofit is paying the bills. Pro I feel as though I am finally happy  with being on my own and I feel as though that is the first step towards starting any serious relationship. Other side of that coin is a lot of friends my age are married with children living the supposed dream which is what everyone considers the next chapter of life. What about just enjoying being alone “perfectly lonely” I feel as though you can never be truly happy until you’re ok with perfectly lonely.

At this point in life there is no shortage of ways to find people but I do feel as though tinder plenty of fish and things of that nature are not exactly the best avenues but I also feel like people aren’t really going out and meeting people. It’s weird how that works but at a show this weekend I saw so many more people interested in their cell phones than interacting and meeting new people. Maybe I’m an old soul but that’s not the point. I just find it very interesting how that works.  I am writing this on Monday night as I slowly prepare to go back to work which I am not ready for I just wanted to let this out and again this blog is what you choose to make it. This blog is not about the destination it is about the journey.

Leaving you with a quote from ironically enough the Roots since I attended their festival this previous weekend

“Technology turning the planet into zombies Everybody all in everybody’s dirty laundry”

-The Roots Dear God 2.0

Its amazing how accurate he is and  the scary part is how we are ok with it as a society. I am all for social media hence blogging it does bring the world closer than it has ever been but get a grip when you are at a festival there is no point in sharing that experience with your smart phone meet some people enjoy the vibe do something with the large amount of people around you.  On that note I’m off to the races well by races I mean to watch the Stanley Cup who do you have I say Nashville in 7.