NBA FINALS not trending just a fan of the sport

I have loved hoops as a kid. My birthday also falls during the NBA finals so I’ve always been partial to the series along with the sport. This is a very happy time for me  even though my team is not involved just for the love of the sport am currently enjoying this game that is close and competitive 39-34 Golden State with less than 9 minutes in the second quarter. Anyone that is enjoying the ride so far I have some questions please reply with your responses

Question 1: Who do you have winning both the game and the series and how long does it last ?

Personally I have Cleveland in 6 can’t count out the defending champs especially when they make it back to defend their crown.

Question 2: Who is your actual favorite NBA team?

My NY Knicks which is a heartbreaking conversation in itself but that’s for a different day with a few more drinks to ease the nerves.

Question 3: On a scale of 1 being not interested in basketball at all to 10 cannot get enough what level of a basketball fan do you consider yourself/

Personally I am a 12 on the 10 scale if they had hoops year around I I would still actively watch up to 10 games a week the more the merrier the first round of the playoffs is like a personal holiday for me all the competitive match ups and just the sheer quantity of hoops get me excited.


Too deep for the intro

Purpose of the blog is what you make it. I’m a pretty straight shooter and I promise to be an open book be it a great day be it a terrible one just going to leave it out there. My bad experience can be  learned from or my great experiences can be enjoyed by others but you have to own your experiences either way.  This will be a relatively entertaining read and will be concluded with a song of the day that  kind of tells  you where I’m at if you care to listen.

“This is food for thought you do the dishes”
Jay-Z The Dynasty: Roc La Famillia

All that being said I will be sharing all sorts of writings and there will be no consistent  style one day it could be a poem the the next day it could be a rant the day after it can include both but it will be something. I feel as though writing no matter what the format is rather therapeutic for me personally and if I can have just one person be entertained and appreciate my thoughts feelings and emotions then I feel as though this blog serves its purpose.

The Introduction about nothing

Hello world my name is Tim. Age 28 Location Philadelphia PA  as the old ASL question was once posed. I recently took a job in Blue Bell PA working for a non profit not to be named and I am just getting familiar with the surroundings and the city I am coming to love. The purpose of this blog is to blow of steam share my experiences and just see whats out there on the journey we call life.

Just a welcome to the site. On the blog you will find ramblings poems short stories the trials and tribulations of being in your 20’s and relocating awesome stories and just general how I am feeling and what I would like to share with the universe. I feel as though if you push out positive energy the message ripples throughout the world and good vibes in good vibes out. On bad days you will find a man searching for the silver lining and everything in between.  If you take nothing else from this intro just know that it will be an exciting ride for all of those that partake. Welcome to the life and times and I hope that whatever you tend to take from this blog can be used to better you in some way shape or form.