Hip Hop and R&B Golden Era 4th of July Weekend

Long time no write it has been a while to sum up the last two weeks two concerts a road trip home and the fourth of July. Also including a lack of sleep miles logged in my car and good times had by all 😊

First show

Electric Factory for Redman and Method Man opening acts were Raekwon and Cappadonna. Stage presence was amazing and I feel in love with the venue. Second floor bars leaving plenty of space for general admission very well designed plus it was easy to access and the prices were reasonable. Will definitely be attending again probably this weekend coming for Lupe Fiasco which will be a good show but I am sure he won’t have the stage presence Redman and Meth have together. They gave you such an old school feel and they kept it moving it wasn’t preachy it was just lets get hyped lets have a hell of a time and enjoy the experience. Not one of those slowing down and wasting time being preachy performances which I really appreciate.  When they were back and forth with there solo hits the crowd was nuts and I would definiteily go see them again. You left the show wanting so much more but you had a blast and that’s all that counts. It was well worth the money.

Upon leaving the show I got the notification that Jay-z’s 4:44 came out needless to say it was immediately listened to. Such a soulful vibe with the samples in the title track 4:44 and just had such a vintage Jay vibe to it I couldn’t stop listening.  Favorite track might be Marcy Me  but then again I love them all and you can never go wrong with Jay. A lot of strange feedback I have heard are people complaining about him being too old to be putting out rap records and my response to that is there are absolutely no complaints when the rolling stones rerelease something or we unearth the “lost tapes” or BBC recordings of other amazing artist so what is the big deal. I appreciate the fact that A he has matured and B if he can still perform at such a high caliber let him rock .  I’d rather a gem from Jay in this sea of garbage im stuck listening to in rotation on the radio one of the many reasons I don’t even bother with the radio and have become an avid supporter of Tidal but were not here to waste time on salty people that bash Jay he has revolutionized the way you put out a record the way you listen to he record and has literally dropped the blueprint for people attempting to come up in the game.  Let salty people be salty bigger and better things to do with my time.

Went home for the weekend had a blast with the family moms annual cookout good vibes good people so mjuch to say about them but this food for thought for you the reader so we will proceed into the next show I went to the free Mary J show I stumbled upon when I came back to philly.

The Wawa free show on the Ben Franklin Parkway opened up with Boys 2 Men and ended with Mary J Blige. AMAZING . Hometown heroes performing the classics and then Mary J Blige going through the whole carerer and sharing her world with us in such good fashion. The kicker was the rain in between the opening act and Mary J. Did I get drenched …. Yes was it an amazing time absolutely. Would I do it again most definitely.  My favorite Mary J tracks can be a post of its own but just trying to give you guys a quick glimpse.

On that note there are 168 hours in a week and I am trying to maximize the 48 in the weekend so I’m off to the races but had to get back on and just let that out. Stay classy and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do it’s a pretty short list.

Until Next time 😊 -TLM



Recently relocated to Philadelphia PA college grad originally from Stamford CT currently working in the non profit sector just seeing where the world takes me.

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