Online Dating what’s your stance?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen long time no talk. Life has been kind of crazy the last two weeks. Had a house guest for a while doing a friend a solid and this weekend I went to Spruce Harbor for beers and vendors which turned out to be fantastic not going to go too much into detail with that because there are other things on my mind.

               I really want to talk about the dynamics of meeting people and searching for partnership not that anyone will have any solid input but there are so many ways of going about it certain medias for certain situations. If you’re looking just to get laid you should probably stick to Tinder or if you’re looking for substance you should probably check out Plenty of Fish but what makes one any different than the other. No one really reads your profile you end up swiping left or right depending on if you have any interest. I guess playing the law of averages is one method of finding your next significant other but is it really a good way.  Let me argue both sides…….

               Yes because some people reach out to these medias because they don’t have the time to go out and meet people or they are shy or they just feel too insecure to talk to someone in public so these are great ways of going about it. Plus let’s be real there are a lot of creeps out there and its fairly easy to rule that out along with people that your flat out not interested with a five-minute conversation through an app where they have no other way of contacting you. So I get it this is very practical we have revolutionized dating and in some ways that great but the other side of the coin does exist.

               What if the love of your life never makes an account. What if you express yourself better in person and what if you personally just refuse to make an account which is your right social media is not a requirement it’s hard to function without some form of social media, some places literally won’t even look at your resume if you don’t have an Indeed account but maybe technology isn’t your thing and you’d rather just have a conversation with someone at a coffee shop or a grocery store or a bar or wherever you choose to interact with people.

               All this being said I met someone on tinder just out of looking for a casual situation and the person I met via Tinder was looking for the total opposite.  That is fine your searching for what your searching for but it’s kind of like relaying your message through the wrong medium. Creating an add for children toys on an adult magazine type of wrong medium. Not that it’s a bad thing I’m happy I met the person in person because that’s what adults who can have a ten-minute conversation tend to do if they are serious about progressing beyond a keyboard and not going to lie it went well. I’m sure at some point we will run into the she wants something serious conversation where I am like we met on Tinder which does have its own sort of stigma but we shall see how it goes and cross that bridge when we arrive at it.

Drawing my freewriting to a close what are your opinions on online dating? Do you use the services? Do you wish that you weren’t involved? Do you find them to be a waste of time?  There are always layers to these types of questions and I know it’s very broad stroke at this point but would love to dive into it deeper at a later point and time.  More food for thought to come but off to living life away from the keyboard as always stay classy…….



Recently relocated to Philadelphia PA college grad originally from Stamford CT currently working in the non profit sector just seeing where the world takes me.

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