Bok Bar <3

Since this blog is about anything and everything I am going to write about  Bok Bar on a Saturday night. Lets start with the back story as told by the locals. Apparently this used to be a high school which was shut down. No info on what happened to the students or where they moved it to but the rooftop was on the 8th floor of this former high school Initially thought the view would not be that great because 8 floors up is not all that high.

Again relatively new to Philly I live completely across town but my love for roof top bars drew me in :). The food was great the views were fantastic and I had a blast. The vibe was cool the people were friendly and the drinks were relatively cheap in comparison to the other bars I have gone to in the city. I definitely love the atmosphere and will attend again.

The one downside was there was no food at the time of my visit otherwise I would critique that as well but beyond that I would definitely recommend to friends and take people that come to visit me out there for a good time.

On that note more to post at a later time about life and everything else but this was what I wanted to talk about today well a few days ago but haven’t been able to sit down and write lately .





Recently relocated to Philadelphia PA college grad originally from Stamford CT currently working in the non profit sector just seeing where the world takes me.

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