Let’s get the last year of my twenties rocking !!!!

Food for thought weekend recap. Awesome pros my birthday weekend.  The roots picnic 10th anniversary beyond fantastic also attended the Motown Musical on Sunday my actual birthday which was fantastic. It’s amazing how deep the backstory is for that record label and how much of a driving force that was in the music that we listen to today.  All that aside I feel as though with my 29th birthday freshly behind me its some good time for self-evaluation .

Living on my own out of my parents’ house that’s a pro. Could be making a better living but the nonprofit is paying the bills. Pro I feel as though I am finally happy  with being on my own and I feel as though that is the first step towards starting any serious relationship. Other side of that coin is a lot of friends my age are married with children living the supposed dream which is what everyone considers the next chapter of life. What about just enjoying being alone “perfectly lonely” I feel as though you can never be truly happy until you’re ok with perfectly lonely.

At this point in life there is no shortage of ways to find people but I do feel as though tinder plenty of fish and things of that nature are not exactly the best avenues but I also feel like people aren’t really going out and meeting people. It’s weird how that works but at a show this weekend I saw so many more people interested in their cell phones than interacting and meeting new people. Maybe I’m an old soul but that’s not the point. I just find it very interesting how that works.  I am writing this on Monday night as I slowly prepare to go back to work which I am not ready for I just wanted to let this out and again this blog is what you choose to make it. This blog is not about the destination it is about the journey.

Leaving you with a quote from ironically enough the Roots since I attended their festival this previous weekend

“Technology turning the planet into zombies Everybody all in everybody’s dirty laundry”

-The Roots Dear God 2.0

Its amazing how accurate he is and  the scary part is how we are ok with it as a society. I am all for social media hence blogging it does bring the world closer than it has ever been but get a grip when you are at a festival there is no point in sharing that experience with your smart phone meet some people enjoy the vibe do something with the large amount of people around you.  On that note I’m off to the races well by races I mean to watch the Stanley Cup who do you have I say Nashville in 7.



Recently relocated to Philadelphia PA college grad originally from Stamford CT currently working in the non profit sector just seeing where the world takes me.

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